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Goldsmith & Hull has provided complete retail and commercial collections for most of the leading "Fortune 500 Companies', as well as individuals, public agencies, including the United States Department of Justice. Goldsmith & Hull serves the entire state of California, and through its affiliates, can provide out of state and international collection services world wide. Our firm is a member of the Commercial Law League of America, (CLLA), and is proud to be one of the founding firms of both the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA), and the California Creditors Bar Association (CCBA). Our Retail, Commercial, and Government Collection departments utilize our in-house attorneys, collection supervisors, professional collectors, skip tracers, private investigators, paralegals and other support staff are trained to collect unpaid and outstanding debts. Goldsmith & Hull can efficiently and effectively manage anywhere from one matter to large volumes of assignments.

Our experience includes collecting debts relating to credit cards, secured and unsecured notes (personal and business), student loans, SBA loans, collections from decendents estates, automotive deficiencies, real estate, medical billing and liens, insurance premiums, insurance subrogation, communication/mixed media, advertising, entertainment, clothing- apparel, factors, jewelry, music publishing, recording industry, transportation, construction supplies, machinery and heavy equipment. 

Our fees are typically based upon a contingency, depending upon the nature of the matter, who the debtor is (i.e. individual, partnership, corporation), type of claim, amount, and number of matters being placed.

Collection Process

Once our client places their matters with us, the collection process begins with demands including letters, as well as a personal telephone conversation with the debtor. If necessary, and after client approval, suit is brought. Matters are handled until a final resolution is reached. Goldsmith & Hull follows and complies with all state and federal laws in carrying out our collection responsibilities including adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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Collection Manager - Olga Baeza
Production Manager - Blanca Alvarado 

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